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 (kē′ŏps) Originally Khu·fu (ko͞o′fo͞o′) 2609-2584 bc.
Second king of the IV Dynasty of Egypt, renowned as the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza.


(Biography) original name Khufu. Egyptian king of the fourth dynasty (?2613–?2494 bc), who built the largest pyramid at El Gîza


(ˈki ɒps)

fl. early 26th century B.C., king of Egypt: builder of the great pyramid at Giza. Also called Khufu.
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Noun1.Cheops - Egyptian Pharaoh of the 27th century BC who commissioned the Great Pyramid at Giza
Pharaoh, Pharaoh of Egypt - the title of the ancient Egyptian kings
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Here the lecture began, but Jo heard very little of it, for while Professor Sands was prosing away about Belzoni, Cheops, scarabei, and hieroglyphics, she was covertly taking down the address of the paper, and boldly resolving to try for the hundred-dollar prize offered in its columns for a sensational story.
As I gazed upon this monument, doubtless the work of an extinct and forgotten race, thus buried in the green nook of an island at the ends of the earth, the existence of which was yesterday unknown, a stronger feeling of awe came over me than if I had stood musing at the mighty base of the Pyramid of Cheops.
So that when Simeon and his associates arrived on the summit of the tower called Adoni-Bezek-the loftiest of all the turrets around about Jerusalem, and the usual place of conference with the besieging army-they looked down upon the camp of the enemy from an eminence excelling by many feet that of the Pyramid of Cheops, and, by several, that of the temple of Belus.
A laborious walk in the flaming sun brought us to the foot of the great Pyramid of Cheops.
The traditional Arab proposed, in the traditional way, to run down Cheops, cross the eighth of a mile of sand intervening between it and the tall pyramid of Cephron, ascend to Cephron's summit and return to us on the top of Cheops--all in nine minutes by the watch, and the whole service to be rendered for a single dollar.
Each side of the Pyramid of Cheops is about as long as the Capitol at Washington, or the Sultan's new palace on the Bosporus, and is longer than the greatest depth of St.
Still, that mountain, prodigious as it was, was nothing to the Pyramid of Cheops.
No doubt, when one contemplates these two Bibles, laid so broadly open in the centuries, it is permissible to regret the visible majesty of the writing of granite, those gigantic alphabets formulated in colonnades, in pylons, in obelisks, those sorts of human mountains which cover the world and the past, from the pyramid to the bell tower, from Cheops to Strasburg.
Although the researchers admit that they took samples out of the country, they refute all allegations of damaging the Khufu Cartouche, an ancient hieroglyphic mural painting inside the Cheops Pyramid.
Professor Faba also had in his possession a text dating back to 4,415 BC with the account by one S'l-y Wa-Ankh-Are, who was said to have been a farmer who had a plot of land where the Cheops Pyramid now stands.
A daredevil Russian photographer has described how he sneaked up to the top of the Cheops Pyramid at Giza, Cairo, risking up to three years in prison to take some amazing snaps.
Those experiencing the open landscape of the semiarid American West could relate to the Sahara, Arabia, Mongolia, and other exotic Oriental locations (John Charles Fremont, upon reaching the "remarkable rock" that reminded him of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, named the lake surrounding the rock Pyramid Lake in 1844).