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 (shâr′bo͝org′, shĕr-bo͞or′)
A city of northwest France on the English Channel. The site has been occupied since ancient times and was frequently contested by the French and English because of its strategic location.


(ˈʃɛəbʊəɡ; French ʃɛrbur)
(Placename) a port in NW France, on the English Channel. Pop: 25 370 (1999)


(ˈʃɛər bʊərg; Fr. ʃɛrˈbur)

a seaport in NW France. 30,112.
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Noun1.Cherbourg - a port town in northwestern France on the English ChannelCherbourg - a port town in northwestern France on the English Channel; site of a naval base
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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We had just returned from a short cruise, and the vessel was under orders to sail for Cherbourg with the next tide.
He was put on board, as soon as the police were out of sight, and was safely landed at Cherbourg.
Fouquet, who is prodigal, I could recite, figure by figure, all the money that is spent in France from Marseilles to Cherbourg.
at Nonancourt, and piously escorted it to Cherbourg with the Troisvilles, Casterans, d'Esgrignons, Verneuils, etc.
Some 27 people took part in a ceremony off Cherbourg, where the Birkenhead-built Confederate States of America ship CSS Alabama fought the Union warship USS Kearsarge on June 19, 1864.
His body was buried in a war cemetery in Cherbourg, but few other details of his life are known.
Christopher Davis, from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, died on Wednesday when the plane he was travelling in crashed into the sea just north of Cherbourg, the Foreign Office confirmed.
They also confirmed that the other victim of the Cherbourg tragedy was from Daventry, in Northamptonshire.
BRITTANY Ferries has a wide choice of routes from the UK to France, with sailings from Portsmouth to Caen, Cherbourg and St Malo, from Poole to Cherbourg and Plymouth to Roscoff.
Cherbourg is the ideal gateway to Western France, with the N13 motorway leading quickly to a network of major roads for all parts of Normandy and Brittany as well as the Loire and further south.
Currently lying at Cherbourg, her future very uncertain.
The novel begins in 1940 when Suzanne is 13 and it ends when the Allies liberate her town of Cherbourg, France in June 1944.