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(tʃɜrˈkɑ si, -ˈkæs i, tʃɛr-)

a city in central Ukraine, on the Dnieper River, SE of Kiev. 297,000.
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The shallow Kaniv Reservoir was created in 1972 on the River Dnieper between Kiev and Kremenchuk reservoirs within Kiev and Cherkassy regions of Ukraine (Grynzhevsky 1998).
As a child in Cherkassy, he joined a traveling Russian-language troupe to perform a Russian rendition of Jacob Gordins 1900 Yiddish-language God, Man, and the Devil.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: BASF, Honeywell International, Sinopec, Ube Industries, Azot Cherkassy, Braskem, China Petrochemical Development, Domo Caproleuna, DSM Nanjing Chemical, Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals, Lanxess, Royal DSM, Shandong Haili Chemical, SumitomoChemical, Toray Industries, Univex
In Kamenka, Cherkassy district, the local police participated in the shooting of more than one hundred Jews in March.
Vinnytsa Dnipropetrovsk 2,067 1,559 Donetsk 3,000 2,500 Zhytomir 1,600 1,300 Ivano-Frankovsk 2,500 2,000 Kirovograd 1,900 1,500 Krivoy-Rog 1,659 1,078 Lugansk 1,800 1,260 Lutsk 1,800 1,200 Lvov 2,500 1,500 Nikolaev 1,701 1,219 Odessa 2,907 2,230 Poltava 950 900 Rovno 1,527 1,264 Sevastopol 2,000 1,700 Simferopol 1,571 1,348 Ternopol 2,800 1,610 Uzhgorod 1,400 1,200 Kharkov 1,288 1,201 Kherson 1,500 1,375 Khmelnitskiy 1,376 961 Cherkassy 1,148 882 Chernigov 1,600 1,200 Chernovtsy 2,200 2,100 Yalta 1,288 1,201 1st Quarter 2007 City Center Citywide Price Change Av.
Leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses complained that on August 29, 2006, the Cherkassy Appeals Court upheld a lower court's decision to free a UOC-MP priest who attacked two members of Jehovah's Witnesses in 2005.
Hitler cometeria el mismo error en la primavera de 1944 al rehusarse a evacuar tropas alemanas atrapadas en la peninsula de Crimea y a retirar las fuerzas que se hallaban cerca de Cherkassy.
1966, Cherkassy deposit of bentonite and palygorskite clays, Nauk Dunka, Kiev.
Along similar lines, the SOM has been shown (Mulier & Cherkassy 1995) as being an implied kernel smoothing process.
For example, while his wife helped improve the marketing end in various dairy plants, Huskey evaluated the operations in the factory in Cherkassy, south of the the capital of Kiev.