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 (chər-nō′bəl, -bĭl) or Chor·no·byl' (chôr-)
A city of northern Ukraine near the border of Belarus. It was evacuated and remains uninhabited as a result of a major nuclear power plant accident nearby on April 26, 1986.


(tʃɜːˈnəʊbəl; -ˈnɒbəl)
(Placename) a town in N Ukraine; site of a nuclear power station accident in 1986


(tʃɜrˈnoʊ bəl, tʃɛr-)

a city in N Ukraine 80 mi. NW of Kiev: nuclear-plant accident 1986.


Site of the worst nuclear reactor accident, in 1986 in the Ukraine (part of the then USSR).
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Noun1.Chernobyl - a city in north central Ukraine; site of a major disaster at a nuclear power plant (26 April 1986)
Ukraine, Ukrayina - a republic in southeastern Europe; formerly a European soviet; the center of the original Russian state which came into existence in the ninth century
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You have stations along the way," says Abraham dwerski, a psychiatrist and rabbi descended from the Hasidic dynasties of Chernoble and San?
In these days of increasing automation, tragedies, such as Three Mile Island, Chernoble and the repeated collisions with a well-marked and charted shipwreck in the English channel, reveal that, without deep knowledge of what is going on, graphical displays, warning lights and alarms will not be reacted to with the same degree of immediacy and engagement as directly perceived real-world events.
The Chernoble power plant existed and the pollution from its nuclear accident spread whether it was known or not known.