Cherry bounce

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cherry brandy and sugar.

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The Cherry Bounce is cracked open at the restaurant's anniversary the first Saturday in December, an event celebrated with polka music and plenty of bounce.
Fresh off its recent launch, Cherry Bounce - the newest flavor from the Charleston-based brand - is already an award-winning consumer favorite.
Chicken Cock Whiskey is all about honoring the heritage of an iconic American brand and making whiskey fun again and Cherry Bounce is the perfect expression of that.
The brand currently features a line of flavored American whiskies available in Cinnamon, Southern Spiced, Root Beer and Cherry Bounce.
Chicken Cock's Cherry Bounce flavor pays homage to one of the most popular alcohol drinks in early American history.
Our New England pioneers concocted a drink from black cherry (Prunus serotina) that they called cherry bounce.
George Washington's favorite liquor was his wife Martha's recipe for Cherry Bounce, one of 18[sup.
We've given our Cherry Bounce flavor a modern spin by making it a cherry cola infusion," said Matti Anttila, president of Island Club Brands, which owns Chicken Cock.