Cherry pit

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A child's play, in which cherries are thrown into a hole.
A cherry stone.
- Shak.

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Washington July 7 ( ANI ): A man from Lansing, US, Matt 'BB Gun' Krause won his first-ever International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship on Saturday.
And of course, there was competitive cherry pit spitting.
Some guy even used it on a few pages of his Bible after accidentally spitting out a cherry pit while reading the good book.
Chomper features a plunger-type action that pushes the cherry pit and residual juice into the bottom container of the pitter.
Additional diversions held in the Open Space include the Cherry Pit Spit Contest (you knew it was coming
The Cherry Pit (Random House, 1965): Clifford Stone, an assistant curator for the Cabot Antiquities Foundation in Boston, returns home to Little Rock, Arkansas, to rediscover his past.
We cheered on our favorite team in the Ag Olympics, with events including cherry pit spitting and Christmas tree tossing.
An amusingly long and complicated saga revolving around a cherry tree--and touching on love, sex, violence , time, remembrance, and a cherry pit stuck in a man's cross-trainer--is packed into a short film that consists of a few images drawn in black pen; occasional fields of red represent a variety of subjects, including rage, lost virginity, and, of course, the cherry itself.
If someone did actually swallow a cherry pit, it would eventually pass through the body's digestive system and be excreted as waste -- in much less than one hundred years' time
Now Cherry Lane is expanding into the theater, renaming the 90-seat black box venue the Cherry Pit to become its third stage.