v. i.1.To make a short, shrill, cheerful sound; to chirp. See Chirrup.
v. t.1.To excite or urge on by making a short, shrill, cheerful sound; to cherup to. See Chirrup.
He cherups brisk ear-erecting steed.
- Cowper.
n.1.A short, sharp, cheerful noise; a chirp; a chirrup; as, the cherup of a cricket.
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Speakers will include Rand Spiwak, a digital content expert and former CFO of Daytona State College; Susan Cherup, professor of Education at Hope College, who teaches with Dave Edyburn's Inclusive Technologies eTextbook; and Andrew McCann, vice president of Business Development at Bridgepoint Education.
Ezekiel Cherup won the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon, with Banuelia Katesigwa first in the women's race.
Cherup and Snyder (2003) proposed a more integrated approach to technology in teacher education, one that includes a curriculum of technology operations, planning and designing learning environments, assessment and evaluation, professional practice, and social, ethical, and legal issues.
1996-82), AVERIN, FRERES, CHERUP (a variant of CHIRRUP in Chambers and UKACD16) and, best of all, TAVERING.