v. i.1.To make a short, shrill, cheerful sound; to chirp. See Chirrup.
v. t.1.To excite or urge on by making a short, shrill, cheerful sound; to cherup to. See Chirrup.
He cherups brisk ear-erecting steed.
- Cowper.
n.1.A short, sharp, cheerful noise; a chirp; a chirrup; as, the cherup of a cricket.
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Ezekiel Cherup won the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon, with Banuelia Katesigwa first in the women's race.
Cherup and Snyder (2003) proposed a more integrated approach to technology in teacher education, one that includes a curriculum of technology operations, planning and designing learning environments, assessment and evaluation, professional practice, and social, ethical, and legal issues.
1996-82), AVERIN, FRERES, CHERUP (a variant of CHIRRUP in Chambers and UKACD16) and, best of all, TAVERING.