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An independent city of southeast Virginia south of Norfolk. Originally the southern portion of Norfolk County, its vast area includes residential communities, farmland, and a section of the Dismal Swamp.


(ˈtʃɛs əˌpik)

a city in SE Virginia. 192,342.
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This Narrative contains many affecting incidents, many passages of great eloquence and power; but I think the most thrilling one of them all is the de- scription DOUGLASS gives of his feelings, as he stood soliloquizing respecting his fate, and the chances of his one day being a freeman, on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay--viewing the receding vessels as they flew with their white wings before the breeze, and apostrophizing them as animated by the living spirit of freedom.
Frigate Chesapeake was killed on June 1, 1813, as his ship was captured by H.
The winter was extremely severe, and the ship, with many others, was detained by the ice in and about Chesapeake Bay for nearly three months.
Here's a grave I didn't see before -- this one in the iron railing -- oh, girls, look, see -- the stone says it's the grave of a middy who was killed in the fight between the Shannon and the Chesapeake.
Time's finger had turned back his pages, and that was the Shannon sailing triumphant up the bay with the Chesapeake as her prize.
And then follow "The British Grenadiers," "Billy Taylor," "The Siege of Seringapatam," "Three Jolly Postboys," and other vociferous songs in rapid succession, including "The Chesapeake and Shannon," a song lately introduced in honour of old Brooke; and when they come to the words,
Then we had the great river or bay of Chesapeake to cross, which is where the river Potomac falls into it, near thirty miles broad, and we entered more great vast waters whose names I know not, so that our voyage was full two hundred miles, in a poor, sorry sloop, with all our treasure, and if any accident had happened to us, we might at last have been very miserable; supposing we had lost our goods and saved our lives only, and had then been left naked and destitute, and in a wild, strange place not having one friend or acquaintance in all that part of the world.
It had been my intention to proceed by James River and Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore; but one of the steamboats being absent from her station through some accident, and the means of conveyance being consequently rendered uncertain, we returned to Washington by the way we had come (there were two constables on board the steamboat, in pursuit of runaway slaves), and halting there again for one night, went on to Baltimore next afternoon.
In addition Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company has included exclusive savings on their coffee products sold at local retailers through the Navy home game program.
Otis Eastern began laying pipeline for Chesapeake in August 2008 until last fall.
Chesapeake will continue acquiring leaseholds in the Fayetteville shale, and BP America will have a 25 percent stake in all future leaseholds Chesapeake acquires.
From the yacht basins of Annapolis to the fishing fleets of Smith Island, from the crab houses of Baltimore to the bustling ports of southern Virginia, the Chesapeake is central to the lives and identity of the region's towns and cities.

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