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 (shĕv′ē-ət, chĕv′-)
1. Any of a breed of hornless sheep with thick crimped wool, originally raised in the Cheviot Hills.
2. also cheviot A woolen fabric with a coarse twill weave, used chiefly for suits and overcoats and originally made from the wool of this breed of sheep.

[After the Cheviot (Hills).]


(ˈtʃiːvɪət; ˈtʃɛv-)
1. (Breeds) a large British breed of sheep reared for its wool
2. (Textiles) (often not capital) a rough twill-weave woollen suiting fabric


(ˈʃɛv i ət; esp. Brit. ˈtʃɛv-)

1. one of a British breed of sheep, noted for its heavy fleece of medium length.
2. (l.c.) a woolen fabric in a coarse twill weave, for coats, suits, etc.
3. (l.c.) either of two cotton fabrics used for shirts.
[1805–15; after the Cheviot Hills, on the boundary of England and Scotland]
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Noun1.Cheviot - hardy hornless sheep of the Cheviot Hills noted for its short thick woolCheviot - hardy hornless sheep of the Cheviot Hills noted for its short thick wool
domestic sheep, Ovis aries - any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
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For the next sixty-nine evenings he would be dining in cheviot and worsted at dubious
We are close to the Cheviot hills; and if you fancy there is anything to see when you look out of window, except sheep, you will find yourself woefully mistaken.
Among the best or most representative single ballads are: The Hunting of the Cheviot (otherwise called The Ancient Ballad of Chevy Chase--clearly of minstrel authorship); Sir Patrick Spens; Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne; Adam Bell, Clym of the Clough, and William of Cloudeslee; Captain Car, or Edom o' Gordon; King Estmere (though this has been somewhat altered by Bishop Percy, who had and destroyed the only surviving copy of it); Edward, Edward; Young Waters; Sweet William's Ghost; Lord Thomas and Fair Annet.
WHILE Chaucer was making for us pictures of English life, in the sister kingdom across the rugged Cheviots another poet was singing to a ruder people.
Cheviot Bridge has acquired the well-known Long Flat brand from Tyrell's Vineyards, the two wine companies have announced.
Ewes with twins sold to a top of PS60 for Lleyns from Dufton Wood, Greyface, to PS53 Reagill Grange who also sold Suffolk Cross at PS58 and Cheviot Mules at PS58, Blackface to PS49 High House and Hill Cheviots to PS41 Cross Hill.
THE Head of the Liverpool office of investment management firm Quilter Cheviot has been put in charge of the company's 11 UK office network.
25 February 2015 - UK-based financial services firm Old Mutual plc has completed the acquisition of UK-based discretionary investment manager Quilter Cheviot, the company said on Wednesday.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 25, 2015-Old Mutual Closes GBP 585m Acquisition of Cheviot
Youngsters at Cheviot Primary School at Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle, are joining their big brothers and sisters for a few hours a week to help them get used to life in the classroom.
23 August 2012 - Cheviot Savings Bank holding company Cheviot Financial Corp.
Cheviot Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: CHEV), the parent company of Cheviot Savings Bank, has reported that its net earnings for the three months ended March 31, 2012 were USD883,000 or USD0.