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1. A member of any of various widely scattered Indian peoples of Colombia and Central America.
2. A language family comprising the languages spoken by these peoples.


(Languages) a family of Indian languages found in Colombia and elsewhere in South America
(Languages) belonging or relating to this family of languages


(ˈtʃɪb tʃən)

a family of American Indian languages, varying in number according to the system of classification, spoken or formerly spoken in Central America and W Colombia.
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The following Native American Chibchan populations were analyzed: Bribri (n= 47), Cabecar (n= 27), Maleku (n= 16), Guaymi (n= 30) and Huetar (n= 48).
Mitochondrial DNA analysis suggests a Chibchan migration into Colombia
She points out that several features of the Amazonian languages extend beyond this area into what she terms the Circum-Amazonian region, which includes, for example, the Chibchan sphere in the Intermediate Area, and the Circum-Caribbean.
The modern languages of Panama include Spanish, Creole, and Amerindian languages affiliated with two language families, Chibchan and Choco (Fig.
The CLC group unearthed pottery fragments and other artifacts belonging to the native Chibchan people and encountered large stone spheres, some up to five feet in diameter, which were carved between 250 B.
have brought together 11 contributions pertaining to the history, classification, and endangerment of the indigenous languages of South America as well as typological characteristics, phonetics and phonology, and some specifics of Chibchan languages, the Cariban family, Tupian, Quechuan and Aymaran, and languages of the Chaco and southern cone.
Thus, a study of warfare and prisoner-taking practices of the peoples of the southernmost areas of Central America, which included Mesoamerican and Chibchan origined inhabitants, will provide important knowledge on the unexplored issues, as well as comparative materials.
Barrantes, Ramiro y Peter Smouse, "Microevolution in Lower Central America: Genetic Characterization of the Chibchan Speaking Groups of Costa Rica and Panama, and a Consensus Taxonomy Based on Genetics and Linguistics Affinity", American Journal Human Genetics, num.
Lutterworth Maiden Stakes with Chibchan the leading fancy.
A hallucinogenic snuff containing DMT, Anadenanthera peregrina (first mentioned by Wassen in l967), is found among the Chibchan tribes from the Colombian Andes and east across the plains to the upper Orinoco.
21) Vease, entre otros, Terrell Malone "Chimila: Chibchan, Chocoan, Carib, or Arawakan?