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 (chĭ-kä′nō, shĭ-)
n. pl. Chi·ca·nos
A Mexican American.

[American Spanish chicano, dialectal variant of mexicano, Mexican, from México, Mexico.]

Chi·ca′no adj.
Usage Note: Chicano is used only of Mexican Americans, not of Mexicans living in Mexico or working as migrants in the United States. While Chicano is a term of pride for many Mexican Americans, it remains a word with strong political associations stemming from the Chicano literary and civil rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Since these politics are not necessarily espoused by all Mexican Americans, and since usage and acceptance of this word can vary from one region to another, an outsider who is unfamiliar with his or her audience would do well to use Mexican American instead. See Usage Note at Hispanic.


n, pl -nos
(Peoples) an American citizen of Mexican origin
[C20: from Spanish mejicano Mexican]


(tʃɪˈkɑ noʊ, -ˈkæn oʊ)

n., pl. -nos.
a Mexican-American, esp. a male.
[1960–65; < Mexican Spanish mexicano Mexican]
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Noun1.Chicano - a person of Mexican descent
Mexican - a native or inhabitant of Mexico


A. ADJchicano
B. Nchicano/a m/f


n (= Mexican American) pl <Chicanos> → Chicano m
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On June 9, further evidence of Latino cultural influence came in the announcement by the Library of Congress that the new poet laureate of the United States is Chicano, or Mexican-American, poet Juan Felipe Herrera from Fresno, Calif.
The first Chicano film has been added to the National Film Registry, thanks to the dedication of a UCLA professor.
This project provides for accessibility upgrades at Chicano Park to accommodate persons with disabilities pursuant to State and federal accesibility guidelines and regulations, while respecting the park's cultural significance and attributes, and for the expansion of Chicano Park by approximately 2.
In a similar way, in Spy Kids (2001) the location of the Chicano family in an exotic, evocative milieu immediately brings to mind the conventional representation of Latinos in Hollywood cinema, as we can see in Carmen Miranda's and Rita Hayworth's films during the so-called Good Neighbor Policy era.
com)-- Texas documentary photographer Jesus Manuel Mena Garza will exhibit 5 black and white documentary photographs as part of the Chicano Dream exhibition June.
Sagrado: A Photopoetics across the Chicano Homeland.
In the spirit of a new people; the cultural politics of the Chicano movement.
Chicana and Chicano Mental Health provides a fine model to address the special mental health and service challenges affecting Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans, and comes from an author who holds more than thirty years of experience as a clinical psychologist.
The Desperate Housewives star got a Master's in Chicano Studies, exploring Chicano/ Latino culture, and shared her excitement on Twitter ahead of the ceremony.
Washington, May 23 ( ANI ): Eva Longoria has graduated with a Masters degree in Chicano Studies from California State University.
I'm Chicano when I want to highlight my political otherness.
At the same time that Lopez-Calvo reclaims LA as a center for cultural production that runs counter to the hegemony of Holly wood superficiality, he explores the ways in which racial and class anxieties are expressed through literary and filmic texts by Chican@s/Latin@s, as well as by Euro-Americans who are at times sympathetic and at times ignorant to the lived experiences of those living in the barrio, or Chicano LA, which is increasingly decentralized.