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n.1.(Bot.) A Small leguminous plant (Cicer arietinum) of Asia, Africa, and the south of Europe; the chich; the dwarf pea; the gram.
2.Its nutritious seed, used in cookery, and especially, when roasted (parched pulse), as food for travelers in the Eastern deserts.
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In truth and earnest, senor guest," said the landlord, "all I have is a couple of cow-heels like calves' feet, or a couple of calves' feet like cowheels; they are boiled with chick-peas, onions, and bacon, and at this moment they are crying 'Come eat me, come eat me.
Among the topics pertaining to rice and other whole grains: rice bran and global public health, diabetes prevention, toxicity and toxic contaminants, development of functional foods from rice by-products, and chick-pea fortification of cereal-based foods.
The chick-pea eatery will launch the restaurants over the next five years in cities includingNew York, New Jersey, Kentucky, San Francisco andToronto in Canada.