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or qor·ma  (kôr′mə)
A dish of South Asian origin in which meat or vegetables are braised or simmered in a rich, highly seasoned sauce thickened with ground nuts, yogurt or cream, and sometimes coconut.

[Hindi and Urdu qormā, of Turkic origin; akin to Turkish kavurma, braised meat, from kavurmak, to roast, sear, from Old Turkic kağur-.]


(ˈkɔːmə) or


(Cookery) any of a variety of Indian dishes consisting of meat or vegetables braised with water, stock, yogurt, or cream
[from Urdu]
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We'll be serving more traditional balti style dishes - for example lamb bhuna, chicken korma and our prices will reflect our down-to-earth menu.
Other frozen ready-to-eat meals include Indian-style chicken curry, beef lasagna, chicken korma, Chinese chicken curry, creamy butter chicken, and Singapore noodles, says Manjunath Reddy, a lead analyst at Technavio for research on food.
At Fitcert, where I trained to be a personal trainer, the nutritionist gave me this easy chicken korma recipe which is simply to die for and has less than 400 calories.
50 love life Calorie | |Controlled Chicken Korma and Pilau Rice (400g), Waitrose, PS3.
They include samosas stuffed with sardines and spices, a traditional fish curry which is popular in Bangladesh and also a unique twist on Chicken Korma.
99 at Asda Gluten- and dairy-free chicken korma with gluten-free wholegrain rice.
We love chicken korma and our light version is lower in fat than the trad recipe but still good to eat.
An enjoyable experience was had by all, with the students cooking their own version of the Navy's take on chicken korma, followed by being taught about the Navy way of life, including training, nutrition and how to use a 24-hour ration pack, as given to all serving military personnel.
The last few weeks have been mental torture as he and his camera team have shown us an array of colourful, tasty dishes, such as the perfect chicken korma in Lucknow.
AND the entire nine weeks of Simon Cowell's Food Glorious Food amounting to a new M&S chicken korma ready meal.