avian influenza

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a·vi·an in·flu·en·za

n. influenza aviaria, que puede ser fatal, altamente contagiosa, trasmitida por aves contagiadas por uno de los virus tipo A.
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And such hysteria still goes on: Whether it's over the MERS coronavirus, a whole alphabet of chicken flu viruses, a real but not very deadly influenza pandemic in 2009, or a kerfuffle like the one in 2012 over a scientist-crafted ferret flu that also was supposed to be a pandemic threat.
He also said that as of January next year licenses for meat imports would be issued at border crossings instead of the Veterinary Administration and the ban on importing chicken from Turkey, introduced as a precaution against chicken flu, would be lifted next year.
Swine flu threatens a pandemic, but I wouldn't mind betting that this health scare turns out to be as dangerous as the chicken flu that was going to kill us a few years ago.
So when exactly should you speed-dial the Chicken Flu Squad?
That Thai money looks tainted by association with a regime whose record on human rights,and even virulent chicken flu, is spottier than a thousand Dalmatians and then some.
SPEKE'S Chiron Vaccines plant is involved in a bid to find an antidote to the deadly chicken flu virus.
When I read about chicken flu, am sure I am going to get it, and Aids and cancer as well.