Chickweed wintergreen

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a low perennial primulaceous herb (Trientalis Americana); - also called star flower.

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Arctic starflower Carol: Also known as Chickweed wintergreen, it's a shy little plant.
Finally, two book reviews are included, of Harry Martinson's Chickweed Wintergreen (2010) and Kjell Espmark's Outside the Calendar.
Chickweed Wintergreen, newly selected and translated by Robin Fulton, is by far the largest single collection of Martinson's poems we've seen so far.
Two rather specialised wild flowers that most of us are unlikely to see are trientalis europaea, the chickweed wintergreen, thriving in wet acid moorland and coniferous forests and the brookweed, samolus valerandii, found on bare ground near the sea but which may also be seen being used as a submersed aquatic in well-lit cool water aquariums.
Carol: A shy little plant, also known as chickweed wintergreen.
Posthumously published Chickweed Wintergreen is the most recent publication of Nobel Prize winner Harry Martinson (1904-1978).
1 The poems published in Chickweed Wintergreen are taken from eleven collections, published between 1929 and 1973; a number of posthumously published poems are also included.
Chickweed Wintergreen contains an extract from the epic Aniara, considered to be Martinson's most original production.
And there, in the moss under the big trees, the chickweed wintergreens have opened their flowers.