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n.1.A chicken; - used as a diminutive or pet name, especially in calling fowls.
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Dandy Brush (rate per piece), Grooming brush (rate per piece), Bass Brush (rate per piece) Nylon Chicky (rate per piece)
He said: "We knew Chicky would take it in his stride.
Armed with new packaging, their innovative Friend End tube and determination, the Balm Chicky entrepreneurial duo continue to negotiate with many other retailers to carry their line of kitschy all-natural lip balm.
All the staff were genuinely welcoming, nothing was too much trouble, and (in no particular order), Lisa Hancock, Chicky Oaksey, Brough Scott, John Francome and their colleagues were really helpful and rightly proud of the work there.
Mother Hen finds baaing, booing lambs instead of her chicky chicks, and Father Pig finds quacking ducklings instead of his precious piglets
Second, as suggested by Jon Chicky, a long time observer of the North Caucasus, Azerbaijan and Georgia should provide physical and virtual access to open information and education.
Chicky Ryan lives in Stoneybridge, a wild paradise on the coast of Ireland.
Chicky Starr lives in Stoneybridge on the west coast of Ireland.
Chicky Ryan lives in Stoneybridge, a beautiful but wet and wild paradise on the west coast of Ireland.
My thoughts are to his wife Chicky and daughter Sara at this very moment.
The teams competing were The Chicky D's, Lilian's Teens, Too Hot 2 Trot and the Dressage Divas.