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(ʃɪˈku tə mi)

a city in S Quebec, in E Canada. 61,083.
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Jacobo Hernandez-Sandoval, Agnes Samuel, Fawzy Samuel, Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, QC, Canada, Salvador Valtierra Gallardo, Nemak S.
HMCS Chicoutimi was also at sea in December 2014, undergoing equipment trials and crew training to prepare for operational employment.
After Chicoutimi, Lemieux applied to the Conservatoire de musique in Montreal, where she was assigned to the studio of the renowned teacher, Marie Daveluy (also the teacher of soprano Karina Gauvin).
L'architecture du vingtieme siecle a Chicoutimi, recense et commente un certain nombre de constructions datant de la periode moderne sur le territoire de I'ancienne ville de Chicoutimi.
But when the sub, renamed HMCS Chicoutimi set sail from Faslane a year ago, a tragic chain of events led to the death of one crew and a crippling fire.
The three boroughs have been named after the former cities of Jonquiere, Chicoutimi and La Baie.
John Henderson, 18, from Amble, was part of the crew of HMS Montrose, which raced to the rescue of the crippled Canadian submarine Chicoutimi as it wallowed 260 miles from the Irish shore.
Saunders, a 32-year-old father of two, died following a fire on HMCS Chicoutimi last week off the coast of Ireland.
Lieutenant Chris Saunders, 32, died in hospital after suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation when two fires ripped through the Chicoutimi.
Bill Graham, speaking after a fire crippled HMCS Chicoutimi on her maiden voyage and claimed the life of one its crew, said Canada could take legal action against the Ministry of Defence.
The Canadian support vessel HMCS St John's, which arrived on the scene as the Chicoutimi was towed up the Firth of Clyde on Sunday, had provided the sailors with a Thanksgiving dinner as they made the last leg of their journey, he added.
Lieutenant Chris Saunders, 32, was taken to Sligo General Hospital suffering from smoke inhalation, following the fire on board the HMCS Chicoutimi, but died shortly afterwards.