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n.1.A female scold.
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Broadway veteran Ciara Renee joins original cast members Liz Chidester, Leah Davis and Jacquelyne Jones.
Acknowledgements: The authors acknowledge Manuel Arango, Norm Campbell, Kate Chidester, Mary Collins, Andre Corriveau, Lucie Granger, David Hammond, Mary L'Abbe, Janice Macdonald, Soultana Macridis, Rachel Prowse, Kelly Stott, Jim Talbot, Mark Tremblay and Pat Vanderkooy for participating in the consensus conference process.
Amy Chidester, MS, LNHA, is director of The Birdsong Initiative and special projects for Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay, a non-profit life plan community in Virginia Beach, Va.
TOWNSEND, MA -- Longtime EDA marketing executive Steve Chidester passed away on Jan.
ABS Creative will continue to be led by CEO Michael Verschueren, as part of Wunderman Health, headed by president Becky Chidester.
McCurdy's instructor for this competition is Joanne Chidester of Sturbridge, who has competed internationally in ballroom and country dancing.
CHIDESTER, DAVID, Empire of Religions: Imperialism & Comparative Religion.
In their discussion of Spike Lee's Bamboozled, Chidester, Campbell, and Bell (2006) argue media texts often reveal "White people's attempts to claim a measure of Black authenticity by surrounding themselves with the trappings of Black culture and experience" (p.
Part 2 raises the formal issues of substantialist and situational discourses on the sacred, drawing from Chidester and Linenthal's genealogy of sacred lands in America.
The contradictions that are inherent to the house church are hidden by the fact that "the sacred" is, as Chidester and Linenthal (1995, page 18) stipulate, an "empty signifier", yet "by virtue of its emptiness could mean anything or nothing, its emptiness is filled with meaningful content as a result of specific strategies of symbolic engagement".
Unlike recent volumes that expose authenticity as a myth about value, used to enhance the cachet of certain consumer goods and "lifestyles" (Potter 2010; Chidester 2005), Varga stays with questions of personal identity and shows how these, too, have been co-opted by capitalism.
Reagan's comments on Treptow and, more generally, on heroism, were infused with what David Chidester has called an ideology of "redemptive sacrifice.