Chief baron

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Chief´ bar´on

1.(Eng. Law) The presiding judge of the court of exchequer.
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According to Sir Bryn, returning to one of his favourite venues to perform one of his favourite roles - the unscrupulous police chief Baron Scarpia in Tosca - was the "icing on the cake in what has been an amazing year".
TUNIS, (TAP) - Speaker of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) Mohamed Ennaceur received, on Wednesday in Bardo, Chief Baron of the French Court of Auditors Didier Migaud.
The mansion at Brithdir, near Dolgellau, was built by Sir Richard Richards (1752-1823), Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, after he had acquired Caerynwch Estate following his marriage in 1785 to Catherine Humphreys.
of Exchequer in London where Chief Baron Pollock delivered the fated
The Bay Tree Hotel, Burford, former residence of Sir Lawrence Tanfield, Chief Baron of the Exchequer to Elizabeth I.
Fellow Aussie Donald Maxwell is splendid as embassy chief Baron Zeta, who has to keep the widow's wealth at home, while Geoffrey Dolton is a comedy delight as spy Njegus.
Singapore beckons for the top lot, the Listed-placed three-year-old Chief Baron, who was consigned by Alain de Royer-Dupre and bought by Marc-Antoine Berghgracht of the MAB Agency for Ff2m (pounds 192,100).
A fugitive's trail leads Rome police chief Baron Scarpia to the church where painter and revolutionary Mario Cavaradossi is helping an escaped political prisoner.
The following speech, this time enunciated by a different Lord Chief Baron five years later, urged the City to permit an investigation of its actions:
Angela played the tragically lovelorn heroine who kills evil Roman Police chief Baron Scarpia, played by Bryn.
But Lord Chief Baron Macdonald steered the jury back in the direction of murder, resulting in Smith being sentenced to death.
He is actually helping his friend Angelotti escape the clutches of evil police chief Baron Scarpia, who himself lusts after Tosca.