Chief baron

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Chief´ bar´on

1.(Eng. Law) The presiding judge of the court of exchequer.
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in legal history when Chief Baron Pollock took instant issue with it and
In speaking first for the court, Chief Baron Pollock acknowledged
Chief Baron Pollock, like Bramwell, noted the potential information
139) Their efforts, the advice of the Lord Chief Baron in 1875 to the contrary, did not go unrewarded, and most certainly were not "in vain"(140)
But Lord Chief Baron Macdonald steered the jury back in the direction of murder, resulting in Smith being sentenced to death.
He is actually helping his friend Angelotti escape the clutches of evil police chief Baron Scarpia, who himself lusts after Tosca.
The column ran: 'The Lord Chief Baron Probyn continues very ill of an Aftma and Dropfy, at Drayton, near Uxbridge, in Middlefex.