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Chi·hua·hua 1

 (chə-wä′wä, chē-)
A city of northern Mexico south of Ciudad Juárez. The capital of the state of Chihuahua, it is a major commercial center for the northern region of the country.

Chi·hua·hua 2

 (chĭ-wä′wä, -wə)
A dog of a very small breed developed in Mexico, probably from an indigenous breed, having erect pointed ears and a soft usually short-haired coat.

[After Chihuahua1.]


(tʃɪˈwɑːwɑː; -wə)
1. (Placename) a state of N Mexico: mostly high plateau; important mineral resources, with many silver mines. Capital: Chihuahua. Pop: 728 000 (2005 est). Area: 247 087 sq km (153 194 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a city in N Mexico, capital of Chihuahua state. Pop: 650 000 (2000 est)
3. (Breeds) a breed of tiny dog originally from Mexico, having short smooth hair, large erect ears, and protruding eyes


(tʃɪˈwɑ wɑ, -wə)

1. a state in N Mexico. 2,793,537; 94,831 sq. mi. (245,610 sq. km).
2. the capital of this state. 516,153.
3. one of a Mexican breed of very small dogs with a rounded head, prominent eyes, and large erect ears.
ay, chihuahua - This interjection expresses surprise or shock—even dismay, annoyance, or resignation.
See also related terms for shock.
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Noun1.Chihuahua - a city in northern Mexico in the state of Chihuahua; commercial center of northern Mexico
Chihuahua - a state in northern Mexico; mostly high plateau
2.Chihuahua - a state in northern Mexico; mostly high plateau
Chihuahua - a city in northern Mexico in the state of Chihuahua; commercial center of northern Mexico
3.Chihuahua - an old breed of tiny short-haired dog with protruding eyes from Mexico held to antedate Aztec civilization
toy dog, toy - any of several breeds of very small dogs kept purely as pets


[tʃɪˈwɑːwɑː] Nchihuahua m


chihuahua [tʃɪˈwɑːwə tʃɪˈwɑːwɑː] n (= dog) → chihuahua m


nChihuahua m


[ˌtʃɪˈwɑːwɑː] nchihuahua m inv
References in classic literature ?
Jose Amarillo, their last hope, a recent convert, who had promised money, had been apprehended at his hacienda in Chihuahua and shot against his own stable wall.
La ubicacion geografica, reconocida calidad de mano de obra y clima laboral, ademas de contar con un Centro de Entrenamiento de Alta Tecnologia (CE-NALTEC) en las ciudades de Chihuahua y Juarez, donde se preparan y actualizan los recursos humanos, fueron parte de los factores que inclinaron a los inversionistas a establecerse en este estado norteno.
SYLMAR - A 21-year-old Sylmar man has been charged with animal cruelty in connection with the abandonment of his Chihuahua in the gutter after the dog was hit by a car.
Los asesinatos y desapariciones de mujeres en Ciudad Juarez y Chihuahua, "pero no ha sido facil, por el tema", senala el cineasta.
CHIHUAHUA, Mexico -- Victaulic, the world's leading supplier of mechanical pipe joining solutions, today announced the opening of its new manufacturing facility in Chihuahua.
Archaeologists who participated in the Proyecto Arqueol gico Chihuahua present their final findings and summaries from excavations in Chihuahua, Mexico from 1990 until 2010.
Finding myself at the Chihuahua Mexican Grill at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and wanting something to eat and fast, I opted for a simple beef burrito bowl.
Summary: Mexico City [Mexico], Sept 27 (ANI): At least 16 people have reportedly been killed and eight others injured in a shooting incident at a drug rehabilitation center in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.
Trabados en las luchas por el control del Cartel de Sinaloa, los grupos que se disputan la hegemonia dentro de esta organizacion delictiva estan perdiendo la plaza del estado de Chihuahua, donde ahora el Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion es el mas poderoso, segun indican informes de inteligencia de los gobiernos mexicano y estadunidense consultados por Proceso.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 14, 2015-Fibra Inn acquires three hotels in Chihuahua for MXN678.
Small and cute is always appealing, and a small cute chihuahua puppy even more so.