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1. An arrangement by which subscribers pay a membership fee up front to the operators of a farm or group of farms in exchange for regular shares of produce throughout the growing season.
2. A farm operated under such an arrangement.

[c(ommunity) s(upported) a(griculture).]


Confederate States of America


(in Britain) abbreviation for
(Social Welfare) Child Support Agency


or C.S.A.,

Confederate States of America.
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The Child Support Agency (CSA) is already cracking down hard on those who refuse to pay and in the past year more than 300 non-paying parents in Newcastle have had their cases put through the courts.
But the spokesperson added: "The Child Support Agency deals with over one million cases and sometimes mistakes are made.
STAFF at the beleaguered Child Support Agency were paid pounds 25m in bonuses over the past five years.
THE useless Child Support Agency will soon be gone.
CHILD Support Agency bosses have blown more than pounds 500million in a failed attempt to end bungles.
It will affect Jobcentres, benefit offices and Child Support Agency staff in the region.
BIRKENHEAD MP Frank Field today launched a scathing attack on the Child Support Agency.
The head of the Child Support Agency is finally standing down - six-anda-half months after his departure was announced.
A new website has been launched to offer advice to Teesside parents unhappy with the performance of the Child Support Agency.
I WAS not at all surprised to read that pounds 584million is owed to the Child Support Agency by runaway fathers.
But up until three weeks ago Mr Vianna - who is also being pursued by the Child Support Agency for pounds 6,800 - was once again able to claim social security benefits from Leamington DSS with no deduction made for child support.

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