Chilean pine

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1.(Bot.) Same as Monkey-puzzle.
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Shaped box bushes, lavender and ionicera hedging combined with a grand yew, Chilean pine and magnolias give the gardens a sense of maturity.
Commercial PRF adhesive with 16 percent resorcinol content shows good shear strength in Chilean pine structural beams treated to 4.
On August 25 this year an emergency order was placed on three more trees - a Chilean Pine, also known as a Monkey Puzzle tree, an Atlantic Cedar and mulberry tree - after Mr Tuck made his access road application.
It has been involved in forestry issues for more than 20 years, working to protect native hardwoods (sought for export as wood chips), the unique araucaria or Chilean pine (Araucaria araucana, designated a national monument in March 1990 by President Patricio Aylwin), and the last remaining stands of alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides).
By what name is the Chilean Pine tree better known?
The monkey puzzle tree, also known as a Chilean Pine, is native to the Andes of Chile and Argentina.
What is the common name for the Chilean pine, often seen in British country parks and gardens?