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Noun1.Chemakum - a Chemakuan language spoken by the Chemakum
Chemakuan - a group of Mosan languages spoken in Washington
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NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Puget Sound hosted MA' Chimacum, Washington State's newest addition to its ferry fleet, for a functional exercise at Manchester Fuel Depot (MFD) June 19.
A front-seat passenger in Hartman's car, Matthew Welch, 39, from Chimacum, Wash.
Zoe Wright attends Chimacum High School as a junior and lives in Brinnon, Washington.
Then, there was my first church out of seminary in Chimacum, Washington.
We have named them all in a litany of river, season, and species, identifying them with the watershed to which they are as inexorably bound as cells in a bloodstream: Copper River king (healthy), Skagit River fall coho (endangered), Chimacum Creek fall chum (extinct), Taku River pink (healthy), and hundreds of others.
Investments include: Washington MESA, Teach For America, Technology Access Foundation Academy and Bellevue School District, Mercer Middle School, Federal Way Public Schools, Lincoln Center, La Center Middle School, Burton Elementary School, White Swan High School, TechREACH, Northwest Learning and Achievement Group, Neah Bay High School and Markishtum Middle School, Chimacum School District, and Finley Elementary School.