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A river rising in the hills of northern Myanmar (Burma) and flowing about 1,160 km (720 mi) generally south to the Irrawaddy River.


(Placename) a river in N Myanmar, rising in the Kumôn Range and flowing northwest then south to the Irrawaddy, of which it is the main tributary. Length: about 966 km (600 miles)



a river in N Burma, flowing S to the Irrawaddy River. 550 mi. (885 km) long.
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As we approached Pungro, I watched the beautiful Zinki River flowing gently and then disappearing across a bend as it made its way to the Chindwin River in Myanmar.
That changed this fall when a budding armada of ships took to the river and its tributary the Chindwin River.
In February 1943, he led some 3,000 British and Empire troops (including Gurkhas, West Africans, and Indian units) across the Chindwin River.
It was becoming a uniting organization among the Kuki people in Lakhipur (now a city in Assam), Tripura (the third smallest state in the country of India, now dominated by migrants), Chittagong Hill Tracts (now in Bangladesh), and Upper Chindwin and Upper Burma (now in Myanmar).
For Operation Longcloth, Wingate divided his 3,000 rigorously trained British and Gurkha infantry into seven columns and found enough gaps in the Japanese positions along the east bank of the Chindwin river to get them and about 1,000 terrified pack mules over it.
Catering to guests of the Sanctuary Ananda, it will make its way through the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin rivers - with guided excursions to temples, pagodas, monasteries and ancient towns - over a period of 11 days.
THE CHINDWINIn the past, The Chindwin river tour was only offered during the monsoon when water levels were higher.
Before India could encash the situation, came the shocker - Myanmar in June 2013 scrapped two hydro projects at Tamanthi and Shwezaye on the Chindwin river to be executed by the NHPC with assistance by India.
Departing from Mandalay, the 11-night maiden voyage sets sail up the Chindwin River in the foothills of the Himalayas.
They crossed the Chindwin river and faced hordes of fanatical enemy.
It is described from silicified material from an unknown source on erosion river terraces in the Chindwin Basin, Myanmar with an age "in ali probability" of middle Miocene.
Orcaella will operate between Yangon and Bhamo and the ship's shallow draft will allow it to cruise exciting itineraries on the remote Chindwin River, passing extensive mountain ranges towards western Myanmar as far north as Homalin, 30 miles from the Indian border.