Chinese Shan

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Noun1.Chinese Shan - a branch of the Tai languages
Tai - the most widespread and best known of the Kadai family of languages
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But, dually informed by forays into the woods and sketching treks across LA's Griffith Park (both before and after 2007's devastating brush fire), Picot constructed these works as if a graceful bricoleur engaged in a game of exquisite corpse with himself, drawing from a grab bag full of eclectic tricks--his sources spanning early modernism, westward-ho nineteenth-century American landscape painting, the Italian quattrocento, Chinese Shan Shut (as well as more abstract, gestural, and calligraphic variants of Asian ink-and-brush painting), midcentury gestural abstraction, and are reminiscent of the oddball drawing practices of H.
Another etymology, proposed in Klein and Pfannmuller (1982: 126), (18) is that Shan would originate in the Chinese shan [?
They belong to the so-called Chinese Shan, a synonymous term.

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