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n.1.dishes made of china; porcelain; - so called in the 17th century because brought from the far East, and differing from the pottery made in Europe at that time; also, loosely, crockery in general.
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Peter Wain, who died aged 72 at his Anglesey, North Wales, home in 2015, was a world authority on 20th century Chinese ceramics.
CHINESE CERAMICS In the Qianlong reign, it acquired the name yangcai (foreign colours), possibly since this new decorative technique used many imported materials, although it could also refer to the popularity these gaudily-decorated wares had with export markets.
That Philippine earthenware did not develop into high-fired ceramics or porcelain is often blamed on the introduction of Chinese ceramics into the country beginning in the 9th century, or the Tang Dynasty.
Works of art from famous names such as Manet and Rembrandt, sit alongside Chinese ceramics, suits of armour and sculptures from every decade, making it a diverse walk into history.
The simple juxtaposition of elements from Chinese ceramics history with the banal omnipresence of Western paper product decoration acts as fact (Chinese ceramics history) in collision with story (that which is often invisible yet glaringly in front of us) allowing us to conjure new meanings about our condition as human beings here on planet earth.
Meli is a self-identified weird teenager who prefers exploring a museum to attending classes at school wanted the transfer so that she could study ancient Chinese ceramics and make friends even weirder than she is.
This not only expanded foreign sales of porcelains, but also enabled Changsha Kiln porcelain to occupy an important position in ancient Chinese ceramics industry.
Coins were the other asset class to record double-digit growth, although Chinese ceramics and wine performed more strongly than in recent years.
Nicolas Chow, Deputy Chairman of Sotheby's Asia and International Head of Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art said that the exclusive item has been praised and treasured by emperors and connoisseurs alike, ever since they were produced during the Ming dynasty.
Mr Xu, our generous host, invited us to view his own private collection of Chinese ceramics.
V-tong has ambitious growth plans of its own, which we will be supporting with more equipment, and there is also tremendous potential for our system, not only in the Chinese ceramics sector but also for the milling of other raw materials and minerals.
The influence of Chinese decorative styles is highlighted where applicable and the catalogue's authors rightly hold a high regard for Chinese ceramics.

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