Chinese shar-pei

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Chinese shar-pei

A dog of a medium-sized Chinese breed, having loose wrinkled skin, a short rough coat, and a blue-black tongue.



one of a Chinese breed of medium-sized shorthaired dogs with a squarish muzzle and wrinkly skin over the head and body.
[< dial. Chinese (Guangdong) sā péi < Chinese shā pí literally, sand fur]
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Non-Sporting breeds (267): American Eskimo Dogs 9, Bichon Frises 9, Boston Terriers 34, Bulldogs 20, Chinese Shar-Pei 9, Chow Chows 9, Dalmatians 14, Finnish Spitz 4, French Bulldogs 46, Keeshondens 12, Lhasa Apsos 6, Lowchen 6, Norwegian Lundehunds 1, Poodles (Miniature) 7, Poodles (Standard) 19, Schipperkes 8, Shiba Inu 19, Tibetan Spaniels 12, Tibetan Terriers 20, Xoloitzcuintlis 3.
Breeds such as the Akita, Afghan Hound and Chinese Shar-Pei, which have been classed as ancient, are no closer to the first domestic dogs than other breeds due to the effects of lots of cross-breeding, the study found.
FIRE crews saved Macy, a Chinese shar-pei cross stranded for 24 hours on a ledge after the dog chased a rabbit off the edge of a 120ft cliff in Dover, Kent.
A DOG LOVER says he has been left devastated after his "best mate" - a distinctive Chinese Shar-Pei - was stolen from outside a supermarket by a man who lured him away with fried chicken scraps.
CHRIS KIRKWOOD has been paying pounds 26 a month for pet insurance since his Chinese Shar-Pei, Simba, was a pup.
Kevin is also planning to buy another dog, a Chinese Shar-Pei breed, and call it Tszyu - after Kostya.
A two-year-old Royal Chinese Shar-Pei, Armani went missing from owner Geraint Jones' home in Club Street, Aberaman, Aberdare.
Graling enjoyed breeding and showing Shar-Pei dogs and belonged to the Harmony Bay Chinese Shar-Pei Club.

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