Chinese shar-pei

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Chinese shar-pei

A dog of a medium-sized Chinese breed, having loose wrinkled skin, a short rough coat, and a blue-black tongue.



one of a Chinese breed of medium-sized shorthaired dogs with a squarish muzzle and wrinkly skin over the head and body.
[< dial. Chinese (Guangdong) sā péi < Chinese shā pí literally, sand fur]
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Elbow dysplasia commonly results in front-leg lameness in large breeds such as the Golden and Labrador Retriever, English Setter, English Springer Spaniel, Rottweiler, German Shepherd Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Chow, Chinese Shar-Pei and Newfoundland.
Breeds such as the Akita, Afghan Hound and Chinese Shar-Pei, which have been classed as ancient, are no closer to the first domestic dogs than other breeds due to the effects of lots of cross-breeding, the study found.
FIRE crews saved Macy, a Chinese shar-pei cross stranded for 24 hours on a ledge after the dog chased a rabbit off the edge of a 120ft cliff in Dover, Kent.
A DOG LOVER says he has been left devastated after his "best mate" - a distinctive Chinese Shar-Pei - was stolen from outside a supermarket by a man who lured him away with fried chicken scraps.
CHRIS KIRKWOOD has been paying pounds 26 a month for pet insurance since his Chinese Shar-Pei, Simba, was a pup.
Kevin is also planning to buy another dog, a Chinese Shar-Pei breed, and call it Tszyu - after Kostya.
A two-year-old Royal Chinese Shar-Pei, Armani went missing from owner Geraint Jones' home in Club Street, Aberaman, Aberdare.

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