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Either of two white shorebirds (Chionia alba or C. minor) of Antarctic regions that resemble pigeons and have a horny covering on the base of the bill.


(Animals) either of two pigeon-like shore birds, Chionis alba or C. minor, of antarctic and subantarctic regions, constituting the family Chionididae: order Charadriiformes. They have a white plumage and a horny sheath at the base of the bill



either of two white, pigeonlike shorebirds, Chionis alba or C. minor, of the Antarctic, having a horny sheath covering the base of the short bill.
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A bird of another closely allied genus, Chionis alba, is an inhabitant of the antarctic regions; it feeds on sea-weed and shells on the tidal rocks.
Le groupe chionis a enregistre, au cours des deux dernieres annees, la vente de plus de 200 mille bus en Chine.
Miracles And More, Shakti Chionis, 3801 Briarcliffe Court, Bellingham, WA 98226.
The trio of the best sprinters is complemented by ancient Spartan Chionis who did not have the posibility to get a degree triastes or run victory of the hoplites, at the time when he lived and raced, this discipline was not in the Games.
66 m) which was achieved by great runner Chionis of Sparta.
Similarly, Chionis and Leon (2006) analyzed the properties of propogation mechanism from policy interest rate to lending and deposit interest rates in Greece before and after the access to EU.
Breeding biology, moult and survival of Lesser Sheathbills Chionis minor at Marion Island, sub-Antarctic region.