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A ripe jalapeño pepper that has been dried and smoked for use in cooking.

[Mexican Spanish chipotle, chilpotle, chilpocle, from Nahuatl *chīlpōctli : chīlli, chili + pōctli, smoke.]


1. (Cookery)
a. a smoked and dried jalapeno chilli pepper that is used in Mexican dishes
b. (as modifier): chipotle mayonnaise.
2. (Cookery) (as modifier): chipotle mayonnaise.
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Noun1.chipotle - a ripe jalapeno that has been dried for use in cooking
jalapeno pepper, jalapeno - hot green or red pepper of southwestern United States and Mexico
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La cantidad de chile chipolte es facultativa, pero le aporta un
Steve Ells, founder of Chipolte Mexican Grill, is the restaurant's primary investor.
Buffalo Wild Wings and Chipolte said Mall Manager, Rene Morris.
Chipolte & Lime are very nice but the White Cheddar flavour is the winner.
Highly recommended for both personal and library cookbook collections--one doesn't have to be diabetic to savor mouth-watering delights such as Foccacia Breadsticks, Chipolte Chicken with Peach Salsa, Maple-Orange Roasted Carrots and Beets, Summer Corn Tortilla Soup, Vegetable Israeli Couscous, Blueberry Muffin Bars, and much more
Vivid color photos by Peter Cassidy accompany such unique fare as a Spicy Broad/Fava Bean Salad, Chipolte Chicken Tacos, and Carmelized Apple Burrito: the result is an outstanding collection of Mexican dishes you won't find in other cookbooks, all tested as authentic and appealing dishes for any Mexican home cook.
From Mexican Meatballs with Mint and Chipolte to Rodrigo-Style Fish with cilantro and lime, color photos accompany a range of delightful Mexican dishes perfect for any busy home cook looking for something different.
One of the busiest shopping centers in the county with Nat'l Anchors (Ikea, Chipolte,Starbucks).
Crab stuffed Jalapenos, Green Chile Ratatouille, Pecan Stuffed Pork Chops, Green Chile and Cheese Stuffed Okra, Texas Ribs, Venison Quesadillas, Quail Spring Rolls, Chipolte Mashed Potatoes, Blue Corn and Blue Cheese Grits, Blueberries Flambe, Dessert Tostadas - are a mere sampling of the recipes and dishes.
Chipolte Mexican Grill anticipated a key trend and is now experiencing a growth rate of 123%.
For the past three years, Larson has been a treasury analyst for Chipolte Mexican Grill.
To turn up the flavor, add more Southwest Chipolte seasoning.