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n.1.One who chirps, or is cheerful.
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We would really like to find its owner as it is a very cheeky chirper.
The Chirper ticket on the top announced about citizens avoiding tap water but on inspection, the pipes weren't polluted.
c This cricket isn't your typical tiny black or gray chirper in the corner.
After the chaos, my family spent the rest of the day hanging ornaments passed down through generations while a plug-in bird chirper cackled pitifully in the background.
Soprano Kristin Mueller-Heaslip is known as a purveyor of new music, and while her clear, pure sound would probably work very well in the avant-garde, in bel canto she is a chirper.
I cannot name the tiny chirper who follows me along the creek
The last defiant chirper in the fall means Orion is on the horizon, ruler of the extreme observing season.