Chlamydia psittaci

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Noun1.Chlamydia psittaci - bacteria responsible for the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia
chlamydia - coccoid rickettsia infesting birds and mammals; cause infections of eyes and lungs and genitourinary tract
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Doctors detected Chlamydia bacteria in samples drawn from the patients and figured it was Chlamydia psittaci, a bacteria carried by birds that's known to cause a form of pneumonia called psittacosis, Ramakers said.
El agente causal es Chlamydia psittaci, la cual es transmitida a traves de la inhalacion de los excrementos secos, secreciones y polvo de las plumas de las aves infectadas; raramente se contagia de persona a persona.
Chronic follicular conjunctivitis associated with Chlamydia psittaci or Chlamydia pneumoniae.
Chlamydia psittaci is a lethal intracellular bacterial species that may cause endemic avian chlamydiosis, epizootic outbreaks in mammals, and respiratory psittacosis in humans.
Chlamydia psittaci infections: a review with emphasis of avian chlamydiosis.
The tests showed Brian had pneumonia caused by chlamydia psittaci, a bacteria that laughs at our normal antibiotics but is killed by tetracycline.
Exposure to parrots, parakeets, and cockatiels can lead to Chlamydia psittaci, an intracellular bacterial pathogen that causes acute febrile respiratory tract illness.
Las infecciones clamidiales las causan tres especies de microorganismos del genero Chlamydia, a saber: Chlamydia trachomatis, que puede producir infecciones de ojos, pulmones y region genital, tanto en el hombre como en la mujer; Chlamydia pneumoniae, que causa infecciones en el aparato respiratorio; y Chlamydia psittaci, que provoca una enfermedad conocida como psitacosis o fiebre del loro, similar a la gripe.
Chemical, biological and immunochemical properties of the Chlamydia psittaci lipopolysacharide.