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Noun1.Chlorococcales - unicellular green algae that reproduce by spores
protoctist order - the order of protoctists
Chlorophyceae, class Chlorophyceae - algae distinguished chiefly by having flagella and a clear green color, their chlorophyll being masked little if at all by other pigments
Chlorococcum, genus Chlorococcum - type genus of Chlorococcales; unicellular green algae occurring singly or in a layer on soil or damp rock
genus Chlorella - nonmotile unicellular green algae potentially important as source of high-grade protein and B-complex vitamins
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Dentre as cloroficeas, destacaram-se as Chlorococcales, cujos representantes sao comuns em qualquer tipo de ambiente (LURLING, 2003; BICUDO; MENEZES, 2006) e estao tambem entre os primeiros a colonizar o ambiente (BICUDO; MENEZES, 2006).
CM Chlorella vulgaris Beijerick cm Chlorococcales 1 CT Chlorococcales 2 CT Chlorococcales 3 CM Chlorophyceae 1 CM Eutetramorus sp.
The increase in species richness observed during the first days of colonization in the artificial substratum, was possibly due to the propagules present in the environment, since the habitat was not yet colonized, the migration processes favor the colonization and succession of species, allowing the composition of not only colonizing and opportunistic species of diatoms, as well as Chlorococcales, Desmidiales and filamentous algae, as Bulbochaete and Oedogonium.