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 (klôr-pîr′ə-fŏs′, -pī′rə-)
A toxic organophosphate compound, C9H11Cl3NO3PS, widely used as an insecticide in agriculture and on golf courses and wood products.

[chlor(o)- + pyri(dine) + alteration of phos(phate).]
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Noun1.chlorpyrifos - a common organophosphate insecticide
organophosphate - an insecticide that interferes with an insect's nervous system
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There are literature reports for Chlorpyrifos-methyl (3 negative reports: (Vinggaard et al.
pesticide MRL (a) ([micro]g/kg) Quintozene 50 Diazinon 50 Chlorpyrifos-Methyl 50 Chlorpyrifos 100 Endosulfan 500 Penconazole 50 Oxadiazon 50 Captan 50 Edifenphos 50 Propiconazole 50 Fipronil 50 Bifenthrin 50 Bromopropylate 1000 Iprodione 50 Phosalone 50 Permethrin 1000 Cypermethrin 50 Fenvalerate 50 Deltamethrin 50 Indoxacarb 500 (a): Maximum Residue Limit Table 2: Pesticide retention time and internal standard per min.
The company had voluntarily suspended production and shipments of some oat-containing products in mid-June when it learned that an independent licensed contractor had improperly treated some of the company s raw oat supplies with chlorpyrifos-ethyl as a substitute for the chemically similar chlorpyrifos-methyl, which is registered by the
Biological monitoring of exposure to chlorpyrifos-methyl by assay of urinary alkylphosphates and 3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinol.