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 (chä-yō′tā, -tĕ)
1. A tropical American perennial vine (Sechium edule) having tuberous roots and cultivated for its green, pear-shaped fruit.
2. The fruit of this plant, eaten as a vegetable. In both senses also called christophine; also called regionally mirliton.

[Spanish, from Nahuatl chayohtli.]


(tʃɑːˈjəʊteɪ; tʃaɪˈəʊtɪ)
1. (Plants) a tropical American cucurbitaceous climbing plant, Sechium edule, that has edible pear-shaped fruit enclosing a single enormous seed
2. (Cookery) the fruit of this plant, which is cooked and eaten as a vegetable
[from Spanish, from Nahuatl chayotli]
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Central Bank of Myanmar deputy director Daw Cho Cho Thein said the Monetary Authority of Singapore has been providing training and support for some time, but this marks the first bilateral agreement.
CHO CHO P CHOP: Our parsley islooking so healthy, you can tell looking so healthy, you can tell it's going to do you good.
Cho Cho by Homelife and Never Had It So Good by Tom Robinson and Jakko Jaksyk.
The deputy director general of Myanmar's directorate of investment and company Administration, Cho Cho Win, will be leading the first session.
The several thousand race-goers were treated to a top-class display of horsemanship by the 41-year-old rider who won the feature race of the day, the Derrinstown Stud-sponsored handicap for former boss Dhruba Selvaratnam with My Verse before he added a second victory aboard newcomer Cho Cho Fever for veteran French trainer Erwan Charpy.
Buffy's most recent offering, Running For The Drum released in 2008, continues that theme, with further opportunities to break into fabulous Native American singing, such as the lively Cho Cho Fire.
Its executive secretaries would include former prime minister U Nu's daughter Than Than Nu, former prime minister Ba Swe's daughter Nay Yee Ba Swe, and Cho Cho Kyaw Nyein, the daughter of a former deputy prime minister.
2 -- color) For CHO CHO CHO and other recipes see page 12
Speaking in Japanese, Cho Cho Aye, one of the protesters and head of the Japan branch of the Burmese Women Union, urged Myanmarese nationals abroad to work together for democracy in their home country.
Sweet potatoes are supposed to help clean the lungs, cho cho is good for blood pressure, and that's just for starters.
For example, Tarzana's Cho Cho San restaurant, in operation for over 10 years, uses a similar system, with customers picking random dishes off the rotary.