v. t. & i.1.See Choke.
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Tenders are invited for Construction Of Beautification Work Of Jyoteshwar Talav Near Tower Choak In Kalol Nagarpalika Area
WIN PS25 This cute little chap is Leo Martin Choak, from Plymouth, who is four and a half months old.
To Cure Love (From The Little Book of Poisons, Potions and Aphrodisiacs) Take 2oz of Consideration, half of Quantity of Indifference, 10 Grains of ingratitude, 6 temples of Patience, a small sprig of Rye, a good handfuls of Employments, four months absence, mix with it To Make Perry (From The Little Book of Cocktails, Cordials and Elixirs) Take pears that have a vinous juice such as the Gooseberry Pear Horse Pear both the red and white, the John, the choak pears, and other pears of the like kind; take the reddest of the sort; let them be ripe but not too ripe and grind them as you do apples when you make cyder, and work it off in the same manner; if your pears are of a sweet taste, mix a few crabs with them.
For Blair, these wanderings of the mind were comparable to "Weeds in neglected Gardens" that "kill and choak all the good Flowers and Plants.
Thus it should seem, that when the bosom of national freedom was rent asunder, the national virtues which derived their nutriment from its source sunk into the abyss; while on the barren surface which covers the wreck of Irish greatness, the hand of prejudice and illiberality has sown the seeds of calumny and defamation, to choak up those healthful plants, indigenous to the soil which still raise their oft-crushed heads, struggling for existence, and which, like the palm-tree, rise in proportion to those efforts made to suppress them (pp.
HIGH STANDARDS: Dawn Morgan, Rosemary Fox, Pauline Brooks, Selina Kearns, Sylvia Williams, Christine Choak and Ann French