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American medalists included a bronze for Brewery Ommegang for its Belgian Pale Ale; gold for Firestone-Walker for its Mission Street Honey Blond; Gold for Moylan's, Silver for Deschutes and Bronze for Pelican in the Ultra Strong Beer category; Bronze for Choc Beer of Krebs, Oklahoma in the Schwarzbier category; and a silver for Dogfish Head's saison du buff in the herb and spice category.
In a tribute to the late, great baseball legend Warren Spahn--who played with the Braves at Milwaukee County Stadium from 1953 to 1964--Spahnie 363, LLC and its Oklahoma-based Choc Beer Company have introduced a new brew featuring the pitcher's nickname and celebrating his 363 career wins.
I remember when dad would pack up the family and hit the road with several cases of Choc beer in the car to visit the Spahn's in Milwaukee during the summer," recalls Joe Prichard, Choc Beer Co.