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Noun1.chocolate bar - a bar of chocolate candychocolate bar - a bar of chocolate candy    
chocolate candy - candy made with chocolate
Hershey bar - a bar of milk chocolate made by the Hershey company
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Enjoy Life Foods, Schiller Park, IL, has launched boom CHOCO boom bars, which are gluten-free chocolate bars that are also dairy-, nut- and soy-free.
They also offer Coffee Infused Chocolate Indulges, milk chocolate pieces that have been infused with coffee and come in six flavors; hazelnut, raspberry, French vanilla, Irish cream, chocolate truffle and amaretto; and Tea Infused Chocolate Indulges and Tea Infused Chocolate Bars in jasmine green tea, orange black tea, ginger green tea and masala chai black tea.
Build-A-Bear Chocolate Bars and Choxcards Provide Additional Opportunities for Guests to Treat Themselves or Someone Special
BATCHES of Galaxy chocolate bars have been recalled because they might contain plastic.
AWAKE HAS added an energy boost to the afternoon sweet tooth with a line of caffeinated chocolate bars and bites.
BASED confectionery company Cadbury is investigating claims a wasp was found in one of its Dairy Milk chocolate bars.
Already, some Tayto fans have called for a series of different flavoured chocolate bars to follow, while others have given it a thumbs downd d s One said: "Just tried the Tayto crisp and chocolate bar.
A WILLY Wonka-style discovery could lead to "skinny" chocolate bars made with fruit juice instead of fat.
Summary: Pieces of plastic have been found in a number of Kit Kat Chunky's causing Nestle to recall the chocolate bars.
The Milk Chocolate Bar Gift Pack is brand new for 2013, a pack of three chunky milk chocolate bars, each depicting a memorable symbol of London.
The difference between the two chocolate bars was the amount of flavanols -- a natural compound in cocoa --they contained.