Chocolate nut

See Cacao.

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This coffee is best served unadulterated as an espresso or brewed coffee, but if partnered with heated milk, tastes of chocolate nut bar (think Snickers); toffee, brown sugar, brown spices and milk chocolate will emerge.
It's the perfect way to upgrade your traditional chocolate nut butter spread," says Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi, founder and CEO of San Diego-based NuttZo.
1-ounce boxes of Quaker quinoa granola bars in the chocolate nut medley and yogurt, fruit and nut flavors with best by dates before Nov.
My burger-eating companion was going for the full experience and opted for chocolate nut brownie sundae (PS4), a stunning confection of ice cream and cream served in a sundae glass and studded with large chunks of gooey chocolate brownie and wafers.
BRAND/FLAVOR CALORIES TOTAL SUGARS PROTEIN DIETARY CARBS FIBER Luna Bar/Vanilla 190 25g 11g 10g 3g Almond KIND Bar/Salted 200 16g 5g 5g 6g Caramel & Dark Chocolate Nut Larabar/ALT Protein/ 270 30g 20g 10g 4g Chocolate Peanut Butter Balance Bare Bar/ 160 18g 8g 4g 3g Mixed Berry Nut Clif Bar/Organic 200 19g 9g 5g 3g Trail Mix Bar/Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt
Common Questions Answered; Choosing Raw Foods; Tools & Techniques), "Easy, Affordable Raw: How to Go Raw on $10 a Day" goes on to showcasing budget friendly, palate pleasing, appetite satisfying recipes ranging from a Chocolate Nut Butter Smoothie; a Baby Greens and Mango Lime Chipotle Dressing; Raw Farmers' Market Eggplant Tacos; and Cheesy Buckwheat Crackers; to a Tomato Watermelon Salsa; Quick Coconut Macademia Yogurt with Strawberries; Caramel Apple Pear Tart; and Raw Mocha Almond Brownie Bites.
Seriously, check out the host of Canadian inventions such as insulin, radio, pacemaker and chocolate nut bar).
It comes in three varieties: honey nut, apple cinnamon and chocolate nut.
They debut in Dark Chocolate Nut Delight, Cranbeny Almond and Lemon Twist flavors.
Except no-one remembered to bring an acorn and a chocolate nut was planted instead.
1 slice wholegrain toast topped with 2tsp chocolate nut spread and 1 small banana.
Walmart and H-E-B will be the first retailers to carry the new Chocolate Nut Crunch variety of TrueNorth all-natural snacks, made by DeMet's Candy Co.