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imp.1.the old imp. of chide. See Chide.
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Tom stroked the water once, and said, "Paul," and he said to his son, "he is kind of a chode, though, don't you think?
It can only be hoped that the on site discussions with the leading restorer and representatives of the Chode Monastery and the foundation financing the restoration leads to a more cautious restoration approach in future work.
The assembled Chinese hecklers thought this was hilarious, so Ethan and Leo decided to really give them something to laugh about and crab-walked across the platform while doing the Penh Ching Chode hand gesture.
Di lombrichi ossa (et) sangue di moscioni, penne digranchi(et) chode di bertuccia con una spalla et meco d'una gruccia guariron della lebbra tre poponi [R, XXXV.
The Chode worm uses PC modems to jam up 911 emergency lines.