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One of the Solomon Islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean southeast of Bougainville Island.


(French ʃwazœl)
(Placename) an island in the SW Pacific Ocean, in the Solomon Islands: hilly and densely forested. Area: 3885 sq km (1500 sq miles)


(French ʃwazœl)
(Biography) Étienne François (etjɛn frɑ̃swɑ), Duc de. 1719–85, French statesman; foreign minister (1758–70)


(Fr. ʃwaˈzœl)

an island in the W central Pacific Ocean: part of the Solomon Islands. 8021; 1500 sq. mi. (3885 sq. km).
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Round Moun Usborne, at a height of from 1000 to 1500 feet above the sea about half of some of the herds are mouse or lead-coloured a tint which is not common in other parts of the island Near Port Pleasant dark brown prevails, whereas south o Choiseul Sound (which almost divides the island into tw parts), white beasts with black heads and feet are the mos common: in all parts black, and some spotted animals ma be observed.
At night (17th) we slept on the neck of land at the hea of Choiseul Sound, which forms the south-west peninsula The valley was pretty well sheltered from the cold wind but there was very little brushwood for fuel.
His Santa Cruz boat's-crew escaped in the whale-boat to Choiseul, and Mather, in the Lily, sailed over to Marovo.
Thence, bearing generally south-east and making slow progress in the dead beat to windward, the Ariel dropped anchor in nearly every harbour of the Solomons, from Choiseul and Ronongo islands, to the islands of Kulambangra, Vangunu, Pavuvu, and New Georgia.
He thought that if the France of former days possessed brains strong enough to comprehend in one system both foreign and domestic affairs, the France of to-day was not likely to be without its Mazarin, its Suger, its Sully, its de Choiseul, or its Colbert to direct even vast administrative departments.
On her part, a Partner at Choiseul Africa, Adeline Fabre noted that agriculture was the next big thing in Nigeria and Africa, not because of fall in oil prices but because of the potentials in the sector.
The Institut Choiseul for International Politics and Geoeconomics in Paris also chose her as one of its 100 young African leaders in 2014 and 2015.
Le Choiseul 100 Africa est une etude annuelle realisee en toute independance parl' Institut Choiseul .
In addition to village relocations, Taro, the capital of Choiseul Province is set to become the first provincial capital globally to relocate residents and services due to the threat of sea-level rise," the study further explained.
Comparison of diarrhea prevalence before, during, and after outbreak linked to localized flooding, Solomon Islands, 2013-2015 * Facility ([dagger]) Facility Location type ([double dagger]) National Referral Hospital Hospital Honiara Kukum Clinic Honiara Rove Clinic Honiara Good Samaritan Hospital Hospital Guadalcanal Kilu'ufi Hospital Malaita Taro Hospital Choiseul Gizo Hospital Western Facility ([dagger]) 2013 2014 ([section]) ([paragraph]) National Referral Hospital 470 (36.
He went to San Diego for boot camp and then found himself in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific, fighting battles in 1943 and 1944 in places like Guadalcanal, Vella Lavella, Kolombangara and Choiseul.
Etienne-Francois, duc de Choiseul, alone displayed true skill and strategic vision but he arrived too late on the scene to prevent the debacle.