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As, hand on the wheel, she paused a moment before starting, she was conscious of a choking sensation.
Tom kissed her, with a choking sensation in his throat, and made a show of being confident of finding the searchers or an escape from the cave; then he took the kite-line in his hand and went groping down one of the passages on his hands and knees, distressed with hunger and sick with bodings of coming doom.
When Kala had been slain a peculiar choking sensation had possessed his throat; contact with Histah, the snake, imparted an unpleasant sensation to the skin of his whole body; while the approach of an enemy made the hairs on his scalp stand erect.
Even while he whistles his impetuosity away with the national anthem, some involuntary shakings of his head and heavings of his chest still linger behind, not to mention an occasional hasty adjustment with both hands of his open shirt-collar, as if it were scarcely open enough to prevent his being troubled by a choking sensation.
A panic attack is accompanied by a number of physical symptoms, including heart palpitations (pounding or racing heart), sweating, trembling, a choking sensation, nausea, and/or dizziness, along with the fear that one is dying or losing control.
Other symptoms are sweating, choking sensation, chest pain, nausea, numbness or tingling, chills or hot flashes and some sense of altered reality.
Urwin said he visited his GP because of tiredness and had woken with a choking sensation and fighting for breath on occasions.