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Noun1.Chondrus - a genus of protoctist
protoctist genus - any genus of Protoctista
family Gigartinaceae, Gigartinaceae - a family of protoctist
carageen, carrageen, carragheen, Chondrus crispus, Irish moss - dark purple edible seaweed of the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America
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For example, growth and gonad production of Strongylocentrotus nudus, which is commercially harvested in northern Japan, are greatest in kelp beds, followed by fucoid beds and small perennial algal turf beds such as those formed by the red alga Chondrus ocellatus, and least in Crustose coralline dominated "barren" beds (Agatsuma, 1997; Sano et al.
5% Ahnfeltiopsis flabelliformis, Chondaria crassicaulis, Chondrus ocellatus, Corallina pilulifera, Grateloupia elliptica, Hypnea charoides, Lomentaria catenata, Meristotheca papulosa, Prionitis cornea, and Symphyocladia latiuscula methanol extracts were [greater than or equal to]52.
Mostly used microalgal species include Chondrus crispus, Mastocarpus stellatus, Alaria esculenta, S.
Talabaeva S, Kadnikova I, Sokolova V, Podkorytova A (2001) The study of physicochemical properties of carrageenan extracts from red algae CHONDRUS ARMATUS.
Chondrus crispus, a form of red seaweed found in the Atlantic Ocean, acts as an emollient to help soothe, smooth, and hydrate aging skin.
8 to 30 g phloroglucinol equivalents (PGE) per 100 g of extract), red algae Palmaria palmata and Chondrus crispus, and the green algae (Ulva lactuca) with values ranging from 0.
For instance, it was demonstrated that LPS and fMLP (derived from Escherichia coli) and CG (phlogistic agent derived from algae Chondrus crispus), are capable of increasing cytokines release and migration of neutrophils to inflammatory sites by up-regulating the expressions of p38, ERK1/2 and JNK (Azuma et al.
21, 24, 19], carrageenan from red algae; Kappaphycus alvarezii, Eucheuma denticulatum [21, 19], Chondrus crispus [22, 23, 19], alginate from brown algae; Laminaria spp.
Here the releve 235 had been extracted from that source is presented as the holotype: France, Bretagne, upper infralittoral, growing on rock face, exposed to wave action (cover scale: + to 5): Laminaria hyperborea 4, Chondrus crispus 2, Ellisolandia elongata 2, Laminaria digitata 2, Palmaria palmata 2, Saccorhiza polyschides 2, Callophyllis laciniata 1, Corallina officinalis 1, Cryptopleura ramosa 1, Dilsea carnosa 1, Furcellaria lumbricalis 1, Halurus flosculosus 1, Membranoptera alata 1, Osmundea pinnatifida 1, Calliblepharis jubata +, Callithamnion tetragonum +, Ceramium virgatum +, Chondracanthus acicularis +, Claviclonium ovatum +, Codium tomentosum +, Desmarestia aculeata +, Gelidium pulchellum +, Halurus equisetifolius +, Heterosiphonia plumosa +, Plocamium cartilagineum +.