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a city in central South Korea. 531,195.
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With the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950 and occupation by the Chinese army, the United Nations (UN) set up a UN line connecting Chongju in Pyeonganbuk-do and Heungnam in Hamgyeongnam-do, and proposed a ceasefire by setting up a buffer zone between the Amnok and Tumen rivers.
He received a PhD in Public Administration from Chongju University of Korea in 1988.
24th Division from its defensive positions on July 8, the battered Americans regrouping along the Kum River from Chongju to Chochiwon.
Yong); Chungbuk National University College of Medicine, Chongju, South Korea (K.
National leaders, national press members, national educators and national poets such as Ch'oe Namson, Lee Kwangsu, Pang Ungmo, Kim Songsu, Kim Hwallan, So Chongju and Mo Yunsuk insisted [on eradicating] the U.
Speaking at a forum in Chongju in central South Korea, Jeong said South Korea has to comply with U.
A business body in Chongju, South Korea, has canceled a ceremony in October to mark the 10th anniversary of relations with its counterpart in Kofu due to soured relations between Tokyo and Seoul over a bilateral textbook dispute, Kofu business officials said Wednesday.
For the issue of the development of these models in case of Korea, see Byung-Sun Cho, Research on Criminal Environmental Programs with regard to a Comparison of Foreign Environmental Criminal Law, CHONGJU J.
China Northern Airlines will commence services from Shenyang, Liaoning Province to Chongju in the Republic of Korea on 10 April 2001.
Asimismo, destaco que en menos de un ano, los militares estadounidenses en Corea mataron a mas de un millon de civiles muertos en ejecuciones o errores tacticos de sus operaciones ofensivas en ciudades sudcoreanas como Suwon, Chungju, Kongju, Anyang, Pyongtaek, Pujo, Chongju, Kunsa, Tongyong, Kochang y Taegu.
While helping a wounded mate during a bayonet charge at Chongju in October 1950, he was again wounded in the head, resulting in paralysis of his right side and later became a sculptor and potter as a disabled ex-serviceman in Western Australia.