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n.1.The art of representing dancing by signs, as music is represented by notes; - also called choreography.
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George Birkadze's attempt at retelling this famous ballet is perfectly laudable given the patience he displayed in the weeks he was here for rehearsal, coaching each character, and even adjusting choregraphy to suit a costume he already liked.
In particular, I examine how they strategically self-essentialized the cultural features of their choregraphy as political acts of agency aligning them with the cultural politics of the consulate by performing on their own terms for an Australian audience.
The ART/Yale Rep production featured scenic design by Riccardo Hernandez, costume design by Gabriel Berry, lighting design by Christopher Akerlind, sound design by Matt Hubbs, puppet design by Matt Acheson, voice coaching by Jane Guyer Fujita, choreography by Karole Armitage, fight choregraphy by J.
Moving Frontiers is being hosted by choreographer Dora Frankel who trained at the Rambert School of Ballet and The Benesh Institute of Choregraphy.
I didn't want to rely on editing or choregraphy, I wanted to look and be the part, for real.