Zhou Enlai

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Zhou En·lai

or Chou En-lai  (jō′ ĕn-lī′) 1898-1976.
Chinese revolutionary and politician. A leader of the Chinese Communist Party, he was the first premier (1949-1976) and foreign minister (1949-1958) of China.

Zhou En•lai

or Chou En-lai

(ˈdʒoʊ ɛnˈlaɪ)
1898–1976, Chinese Communist leader: premier 1949–76.
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After 1965 war with India, then Chinese premier Chou En Lai had suggested to Pakistan to focus on economic strength, which is a pre-condition to military strength.
Due to her close connection with Chou En Lai and other Chinese officials, Han Suyin boldly claimed that she was an "insider" of China's affairs, while other non-Chinese were on the "outside, not inside" (HTD 184).
Comentarios escasamente perspicaces, los asombros de un carpintero son la incomoda prueba de que, como diria Chou En Lai (asi se escribia antes), la Guerra Civil espanola, por mas que se les recomiende a los recalcitrantes aquello de que sin olvido no hay reconciliacion, sigue siendo demasiado reciente.
Fue un acto emotivo y combativo, donde se recordaron muchas acciones de Unzueta, como sus notables encuentros con lideres de la izquierda en el mundo, entre ellos Chou En Lai.
In 1951 and 1952 Grigor made highly controversial visits to Russia and China, where he met Chou En Lai, with Quakers and the International Fellowship of Reconciliation and afterwards had to overcome smears of being a communist sympathiser.
I lived in China between 1956 and 1958, a China where even Third Secretaries frequently met the great first generation leaders of The Peoples Republic -- Mao Tse Tung, Chu De, Liu Shaio Chi, Chou En Lai, Teng H Ping ( I have decided to use the Wade-- Giles system of Romanising Chinese names/ places and not the Pinyin system in which Chou En Lai become Zhou En Lai).
But we must remember that more than 20 years ago, President Corazon Aquino's administration actually negotiated a code of conduct with Taipei to avoid precisely these unfortunate encounters, but it was scuttled due to our One-China policy sealed in the 1975 joint communique between Ferdinand Marcos and Chou En Lai.
As longtime Maoist foreign minister Chou En Lai replied when asked about the effect of the French Revolution on the course of human history: it is too soon to tell.
He was perhaps the first foreign journalist to be given exclusive interview by the great Chinese premier Chou En Lai in early 50s.
El Mahatma Gandhi contrato a Jawaharlal Nehru, el Rais Nasser recluto a Anuar Sadat, el rey saudita Faisal levanto a Ahmed Zake Yamani y Mao Tse Tung engancho a Chou En Lai.