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n.1.One of the royalist insurgents in western France (Brittany, etc.), during and after the French revolution.
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All the personages were of ripe age; few among them had ever travelled; nearly all had spent their lives in the provinces, and some had taken part in the chouannerie.
It was probably no accident that even Le Travailleur de l'Ouest and Le Rappel du Morbihan, which covered the two departments that were at the centre of the Vendee and Chouannerie Wars, referred more frequently to the events of 1789-1794 during election periods than in the course of May Day campaigns.
This leads him to pick out events Pinagot was likely to have heard or known about, including the cahiers for the Estates-General, chouannerie, periods of dearth and popular protest (of which an account is given), conflicts over the local church, the impingement of the outside world in the invasions of 1815 and 1870-1, but not Napoleon.
Here and in Normandy La Chouannerie whatever Balzac says was little more than a series of badly coordinated local operations quite easily and brutally snuffed out.
In addition, the well-publicized excesses of the Midi and the rising tide of chouannerie in the west had encouraged republicans to drop some of their differences and rally together.
The chouannerie in western France was a widespread peasant insurgeney mobilized by defense of Catholicism, opposition to conscription, and hostility to the revolution's bourgeois benefactors.