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 (chə-rē′zō, -sō)
n. pl. cho·ri·zos
A spicy pork sausage seasoned especially with garlic.



n, pl -zos
(Cookery) a kind of highly seasoned pork sausage of Spain or Mexico
[C19: Spanish]


(tʃəˈri zoʊ, -soʊ)

n., pl. -zos.
a pork sausage highly seasoned with garlic, pepper, and spices.
[1840–45; < Sp.]


A highly seasoned, smoked pork sausage used in Spanish and Mexican cooking.
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Noun1.chorizo - a spicy Spanish pork sausage
sausage - highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
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Portuguese chorizo omelette By Chef Diogo Vital Porto Grade Manger Chef (The Ritz-Carlton) A Chourico omelette is a classic Portuguese go-to dish, often served for breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner.
Dona Quiteria This artfully redone 19th-century grocery store, in a teetering hilltop location, serves new takes on classic Portuguese dishes such as chourico, bacalhau (salt cod), and ovos verdes (fried, deviled eggs).
1386 specialises in Portuguese cheeses and cured meats, including chourico, salpicao and presunto.
Other Portuguese delights instore include guardanapo - meaning "napkin", a traditional Portuguese cake made with dough sponge with a custard-like filling and pao com chourico or chourico bread, a rich sandwichstyle bread made with Portuguese Chourico sausage pork.
We had passed up some interesting sounding appetizers for another day: Pasteis de Becalhau (cod fish cakes), octopus, grilled limpets (shellfish), fried quail in garlic-pepper sauce, chourico, sauteed scallops in spicy garlic sauce and more, priced at $6.
Legal Sea Foods, called Boston's most popular restaurant by Zagat survey in 2012-2013, has four locations in the A, B and C terminals, where you can order steamed lobster, crab cakes, clam chowder or Portuguese fisherman's stew with fish stewed with mussels, clams and chourico sausage in a saffron tomato broth.
With visions of sizzling Brazilian barbecue, feasts of cassava, yams and peanuts, chourico sausage and rich salgadinhos cheese bread; we approached the dimly lit store front of Amelia's Kitchen located on Maadi's Road 233 in the Degla neighborhood.