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The Islamic Christian Commission in Support of Jerusalem and the Holy Sites reported that a primary school in occupied East Jerusalem and a mosque in a Negev Desert village were demolished.
Christian Commission, shortly after arriving in Washington, D.
Voluntary religious societies like the United States Christian Commission struggled for resources with the United States Sanitary Commission.
The Islamic -- Christian Commission in Support of Jerusalem, in a statement, said if the Israeli draft law is passed it would make Jerusalem "for Judaism and Jews only, which means there would be no freedom of worship in the land of worship.
Similarly, the women of the societies and the Christian Commission were sometimes at odds with one another, particularly when the commission took to collecting supplies for sick soldiers instead of maintaining their focus on the needs of soldiers' families.
Summary: RAMALLAH: The Islamic Christian Commission in Support of Jerusalem and Holy Sites on Sunday warned that Israel is trying to impose de facto policy in Jerusalem by holding the International Tourism Conference in the city later next month.
The sanitary commission and the Christian Commission provided spiritual and physical support to the troops," Mr.
The Islamic Christian Commission for Support of Jerusalem and Holy Places reveals a new Israel plan for the construction of 12,000 housing units in East Jerusalem.
Topics include famous figures such as Sojourner Truth; the experience of women of various ethnic populations, those in slavery, and those in the military; and the roles women played in major campaigns of the day including abolition, secession, and the United States Christian Commission.
4) Likewise, the three largest wartime organizations--the United States Sanitary Commission (USSC), the United States Christian Commission, and the Western Sanitary Commission--all produced huge illustrated histories of their labors.
But their first-born was patriotic service during the Civil War in the form of the United States Christian Commission, an evangelistic agency run in the Union army camps by revival veterans.
Archbishop Oscar Rodriguez of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has joined with the Christian Commission for Development of Honduras in calling for cancellation of the entire debt of Honduras and of Nicaragua.
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