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Noun1.Christian church - one of the groups of Christians who have their own beliefs and forms of worshipChristian church - one of the groups of Christians who have their own beliefs and forms of worship
organized religion, religion, faith - an institution to express belief in a divine power; "he was raised in the Baptist religion"; "a member of his own faith contradicted him"
Christendom, Christianity - the collective body of Christians throughout the world and history (found predominantly in Europe and the Americas and Australia); "for a thousand years the Roman Catholic Church was the principal church of Christendom"
Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church, Armenian Church - an independent Christian church established in Armenia since 300; was influenced by both Roman and Byzantine traditions
Catholic Church - any of several churches claiming to have maintained historical continuity with the original Christian Church
Nestorian Church - a Christian Church in the Middle East that followed Nestorianism; there is still a small Nestorian Church in Iraq
Coptic Church - the ancient Christian church of Egypt
Protestant Church, Protestant - the Protestant churches and denominations collectively
Unification Church - a Christian church (with some Buddhist elements) founded in 1954 by Sun Myung Moon and known for staging mass weddings and other communal activities
Christian - a religious person who believes Jesus is the Christ and who is a member of a Christian denomination
2.Christian Church - a Protestant church that accepts the Bible as the only source of true Christian faith and practices baptism by immersion
Protestant denomination - group of Protestant congregations
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Surely this is to bring down the Holy Ghost, instead of the likeness of a dove, in the shape of a vulture or raven; and set, out of the bark of a Christian church, a flag of a bark of pirates, and assassins.
They say that a pagan temple stood where Notre Dame now stands, in the old Roman days, eighteen or twenty centuries ago--remains of it are still preserved in Paris; and that a Christian church took its place about A.
The very constitution of the Christian church is not attacked by it.
to love the interest of the Christian Church, and the good of other men's souls
Whether there were any Lizzies in the early Christian Church must be considered very doubtful, very doubtful.
Do you mean to say, child, that any human being has gone into a Christian church, and got herself named Peggotty?
Christianity is rightly dear to the best of mankind; yet was there never a young philosopher whose breeding had fallen into the Christian church by whom that brave text of Paul's was not specially prized:--"Then shall also the Son be subject unto Him who put all things under him, that God may be all in all.
Helping those in need is something that Island Christian Church is a strong believer in all year round, but going that extra mile to make the holidays special for those less fortunate brings a special sense of joy into our hearts.
The members and employees of the Redeemed Christian Church of God North America will now have access to affordable financial services through their new credit union.
Noting that understanding the Christian church is key to understanding the last 2,000 years of western history, McDonald, a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society in England, sets out to research the history of the Bible and the Christian church.
The All Nations Christian Church will hold two services on Sundays at 9am and 6pm.
ANGRY SCENES Worshippers shouting around an exploded car in front of a Coptic Christian church in the Egyptian city of Alexandria

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