Christian iconography

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the study of the representations in art of the Deity, the persons of the Trinity, angels, saints, virtues, vices, etc.

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From the outside it hardly looks like a church; not a single cross appears on the exterior, nor is the building adorned with any form of Christian iconography.
In Eastern Christian iconography, he is shown as a young beardless man with a tonsure, wearing a deacon's vestments, and often holding a miniature church building or a censer.
Some have responded by moving in a radical and unexpected direction: the ancient world of Christian iconography.
Only by considering the ambiguous and close relationship Pasolini established with Dante, Pascoli, classical antiquity and Christian iconography (via Freud, Marx and Symbolism) is it possible to grasp the great complexity of Pasolini's oeuvre that, in its essence, is travelled through by a non-dialectical force that finds in the "eternal coexistence of opposites" (in Pasolini's words) its most authentic definition (7).
On Christian Iconography is highly recommended for college and public library art shelves, and would make a superb resource for a course on Spanish baroque art or counterreformation visual culture.
In a way, Zobel had gone back to the fond spirituality of his earlier works exalting Christian iconography, although decidedly shorn of Baroque elements.
The print is a characteristic fusion of motifs from Christian iconography and mediaeval legend into a highly personal subject.
Young Leila develops a sudden allergy to Christian iconography and begins talking to an imaginary friend; Ryan and Mike pop in the videos only to discover footage of a strange cult and two telepathic children; and since even malevolent demons have a soft spot for vintage arcade games, the pinball machine starts turning on by itself.
Caption: Framed pictures of Hindu and Christian iconography hung with marigold flower garlands are seen in India.
Donated by several private collectors, the show's eclectic and carefully curated selection of 66 works range from Christian iconography to classical Islamic art and folk art to Orientalist tableaux, photos and cinematic documents.
4) While in these works abstaining from the use of Christian iconography, and without himself offering a Christian contextualization through the work, Warhol brings to mind the kind of retreat from the engagement and attraction of the world into an inner spiritual awareness that must have characterized the hidden interior spiritual life of the artist during his career.
Peter and Paul, for which he was considered founder of Christian iconography.

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